Trish Clowes "Tangent" out on Basho Records 1st November 21010


Trish Clowes


Release Date: 1st November 2010
Artist Trish Clowes
Catalogue Number SRCD 33-2

1 Prelude to a Sketch 2:48

2 Search 9:47

3 Chalk 1:14

4 Sketch 7:20

5 Dreamer 8:46

6 Duet 1:11

7 Blues for Frisell 3:00

8. The Master and Margarita 8:48

9. Coloured Eye 4:05

All compositions by Trish Clowes


Trish Clowes Saxophone
Gwilym Simcock Piano, Huw White Piano
Chris Montague Guitar
Calum Gourlay Double Bass
James Maddren Drums
Heidi Parsons Cello

Small band guests

Kathleen Willison Vocals
Naoko Miyamoto Violin (track 1), Ciaran McCabe Violin (track 1)
Triona Milne Viola (tracks 1 & ?)
Louise McMonagle Cello (tracks 1 & 2)
Freddie Gavita Trumpet (track1 & 2), Nick Smart Trumpet
George Crowley Clarinet (track1)
Claire Beard Flute (track1)
Lyndsey Kempley French Horn (track 1)

The Orchestra

Director: Jules Buckley

Violins: Ciaran McCabe, Galina Tanney, Alex Afia, Sam Aylward, Beatrice Phillips, Suin Milne, Mark Pedus, Roisin Walters, Rosie Tompsett, Katie Sharp, Martin Lissola, Songae Kim

Violas: Felix Tanner, Triona Milne, Nichola Blakey, Brooke Day

Cellos: Louise McMonagle, Anna Beryl, Heidi Parsons, Anna Morrison

Basses: Chris Kelly, Calum Gourlay

Clarinet: George Crowley; Bass Clarinet: James Allsop
Flutes: Sarah Drake (track?),Claire Beard (track?); Alto Flute: Gareth Lockrane
Oboe: Catrionna Mackinnon; Bassoon: Simon Alexander

Trumpets: Nick Smart, Freddie Gavita
Trombones: Robbie Harvey, Jon Stokes
French Horns: Lyndsey Kempley, Kira Doherty
Tuba: Pete Smith

Sound engineer and mixing by Kirsten Cowie
Mastering by Curtis Schwartz
Produced by Gwilym Simcock

Photography by Jessie Jones

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Cover design by Yoshiki Bann